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The Lebronze alloys Group restarts Custines' site.

Lebronze alloys has decided to propose, in cooperation with former managers and employees, to restart Manoir Custines’ site, stopped since June 6, 2015 in the context of its judicial liquidation.

Custines becomes an establishment of the company Forges de Trie-Château, which in turn is a subsidiary company of Lebronze alloys specialized in forging and machining of large and medium steel parts, aluminium and copper alloys.

The Custines site brings strong synergies with the rest of the activities of the Group's Lebronze alloys: open die forging with large dimensions, close die forging, rolling, heat treatment and machining of large parts, including a Nadcap laboratory, intended for the aerospace, defense, nuclear, construction, energy and rail industries. The plant is capable of processing a wide range of metals: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and super alloys, which reinforces the stated Lebronze alloys Group's diversification strategy.

The widening of the production range and the implementation of multiple crossed-production routes between the Group’s sites will allow to capture industrial synergies and to propose a global service to many common customers.

To this end, the recruitment of 45 employees with the necessary skills to ensure the continuity of the full historical range of products of the site has started.

The Paris Commercial Court has validated the purchase by Lebronze alloys of all the assets of the Custines production site, including tooling and stock necessary for a rapid relaunch of production as from September 7, 2015.

The Commissioner of productive recovery (Ministry of Industry), as well as the former owner of Custines, Manoir Industries, who will ensure the continuity of information systems, supported the restarting of the activity, essential for many customers and for the local economy.


Lebronze alloys, which is headquartered by the company Le Bronze Industriel is a group of 1,200 people located on 11 sites, including 7 in France, with a turnover of € 200 million, specialized in copper and copper alloy casting and manufacturing, and in the processing of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Forging and machining activities represent over 50% of Group employees. Our Group continues to invest over € 15 million per year is growing strongly both through internal development and acquisitions.