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Forges de Trie-Château becomes Forges de Custines & Trie-Château.


In September 2015, Lebronze alloys restarted activities at the Manoir Custines site.

The Custines forge became an establishment of the company Forges de Trie-Château, which in turn is a subsidiary of Lebronze Alloys Group which specializes in the forging and machining of large and medium size steel, aluminium and copper alloys parts.

The company intends to write a new chapter in its history by unveiling its new corporate name
Forges de Custines & Trie-Château along with a new logo. Adopted at the general meeting held on Thursday October 29th 2015, this change of name meets a double challenge:

  • To ensure the continuation of the Custines site and its reputation for its unique and recognized expertise and know-how in the Defense, Nuclear, Aerospace and Oil & Gas industries and for the specialty of manufacturing parts in titanium and superalloys.
  • Strengthen the cohesion and the complementary activities between the Trie-Château, Dangu et Custines facilitie


This change of name does not affect the organization and your contacts remain unchanged. From a legal point of view, the Trie-Château site remains the head office and the main establishment.




About Lebronze alloys Group:
Lebronze alloys, whose parent company is Le Bronze Industriel, is a Group with 1200 employees currently spread over 12 sites including 7 in France, with a turnover in excess of 200 M euros, specializing in casting and processing of copper, copper alloys, and processing steels, stainless steels and aluminium Forging. Machining activities represent over 50% of the Group’s workforce. Our Group invests over 15M euros per annum and is growing rapidly, through acquisition and by organic growth.



Forges de Custines et Trie-Château
Rue des Troènes – 60590 Trie-Château – France
Etablissement de Custines : 206, boulevard de Finlande – 54670 – Custines